Als ik 6 sterren kon geven dan deed ik dat! Mark heeft mij leren boekhouden op een simpele en snelle manier, daarnaast is hij altijd makkelijk bereikbaar voor al mijn vragen! Ik raad hem aan iedereen aan!

(Lindsey Schaap)

Mark is een degelijke, voortvarende steun in de rug voor mij. Hij heeft mij enorm geholpen om over administratieve drempels te stappen, waar ik zonder zijn hulp waarschijnlijk niet of pas over tig jaar overheen had durven stappen.

(Robijn Tilanus)

I’m very happy with the service. Perfect organisation, on time, straight to the point. I would recommend Mark to everyone who needs a tax advice and want to save the time and money.

(Filip Pravica)

I met Mark at one of events he had organized to help startups /freelancers with their tax return. I liked the solution he was offering and contacted him again to get in touch personally to discuss about my start up and take his advice on it. Mark has himself gone through the journey of setting up startups and has very hands on experience with it. He understands the situation in which startups are and unlike many other startup support companies which are focused on maximizing their revenue I was glad to see that Mark has a very practical approach to set up a lean startup. The solutions he offers are based on the lean start up principle also. I use his solutions for tax returns now but I see him now also as a business coach who I can discuss and at times can be very critical also when he sees things slowing down. He has provided me support in many areas and has helped me get in touch with people in his network who could be helpful for my project. In a startup phase I think it’s very useful to be able to discuss and take a impartial view from someone who is experienced with working with startups.
Thanks Mark for your support and guidance till now and I look forward to our cooperation in future also! Cheers Abhishek

(Abhishek Anand)

Mark is a fantastic tax advisor who has helped me tremendously with my tax-related paperwork. From setting up a system to stay on top of business-related expenses to taking care of available tax benefits, Mark has got me covered. It’s a great feeling to know that this topic is taken care of and I have the peace of mind to focus on my work!

(Jonas Barre)

The workshop with Mark was very informative and clear. Now I have a much better understanding for my tax declaration.

(Mei Mei)

For one low quarterly fee, provided effective bookkeeping and administration, advice, btw admin., representation to taxman etc. all inclusive!

(Simon Clinch)

I had a great meeting with Mark. He gave me valuable tips and information about my taxes.

(Rihanna Veluso)

Was very helpfull and and great service !!

(Matteo Langiu)

Keep up the good job Mark!

(Alberto Andres Ocampo Rios)